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We are Friendly Farmersville

We are a philanthropist, movie star, historian, choreographer, farmer, baseball player, Olympian, banker, guitar virtuoso, friend, public servant, candy maker, volunteer, veteran, baker, quilt maker, actor, craftsman, Fighting Farmers, entrepreneur, champion, bronc riding cowboy, journalist, surveyor,

war-time hero, actor and

a good neighbor. 

Farmersville Heritage Museum located in the Historic Onion Shed

circa 1920s

about the museum

History in The Onion Shed

Farmersville Heritage Museum is located in one of two remaining onion sheds built in the early 1920's.  Historically significant to the city, both sheds have been restored and reside in Farmersville's Historic District. 


Farmersville Heritage Museum highlights local history of noteworthy people.  The museum tells the stories of citizens who have touched the world with their talent, their ingenuity and their bravery to be remembered in history for generations. 

Audie L. Murphy is one of Farmersville's beloved and celebrated local heroes.  Honored in our nation as the most decorated soldier of World War II, the museum features unique exhibits of Murphy's family life, his military service and Hollywood career.  

museum board

Misty Wiebold, President

Darlene Wagner, Vice President

Jim Foy, Treasurer

Rebecca Biggs

Glenda Hart

Helaine Holbrook

Richard Holbrook

Janis May

Whitney Whitsell

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